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About the Educational Package for
Tower of Babel:
Planet Earth, Game Over, Reset

National Kaunas Drama Theatre is constantly improving and trying to offer teachers – who are very important people to the theatre – the widest possible range of tools, which they could easily adjust in their professional activity. We are happy to announce that it is already possible to download and try free of charge the educational package for teachers of the performance Tower of Babel: Planet Earth/Game Over/Reset. It can be used in two ways: Deeper analysis of the interactive performance of the Tower of Babel: Planet Earth/Game Over/Reset.Integration of practical activities into the subject they teach. Material about the performance, its set design, costumes, communication methods used in performance, etc., which is included in the educational package, can be used in both cases. Choose to use the whole educational package or just a part of it. The same goes for activities – choose the ones that are closest to your heart, or complete them all. It is recommended that an in-depth analysis with the help of this educational material should be carried out when the emotions and the impression left by the performance have diminished.


The educational package comprises theoretical material about interactive theatre and its forms. It also gives an overview of the performance and its parts: unconventional set design, exceptional costumes, the play, introduction to the world of the Tower of Babel and other interesting facts. It will help to get a better understanding of the performance, and its main idea and encourage students to be more creative and think critically.


Three types of activities were prepared:

Interactive theatre-based activities for more in-depth analysis and reflection on the performance.

Activities have been prepared by Kava Kulturalis Muheley – professionals in interactive theatre

from Hungary; Activities for every lesson taught in school: from the Lithuanian language to Arts. Teachers of all subjects will find activities that correspond to the subject they teach and could integrate them into the lesson.


Activities have been prepared by National Kaunas Drama Theatre and a student Karina Kandrotaitė.

Interactive theatre activities to diversify the educational process (games). Activities have been prepared by Kava Kulturalis Muheley – professionals in interactive theatre from Hungary;


The package is free of charge and available on the official website of the project


Or here: Educational Package for Teachers


The project is funded by the Culture programme of the European economic area financial mechanism

2014–2021, Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, Kaunas – European

Capital of Culture 2022, Arts Council Norway, FFUK, Fritt Ord, Nordisk Kulturfond, Artists’ Salary


© Donatas Stankevičius (If you will illustrate with some performance pictures)

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