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Tower of Babel 

Bird & Bat is collaborating in the international network Participate in your life. 

Participate in your life was established by five theatre and dance companies in 2018 and they have since explored interactivity in children’s theatre through discussions and workshops in Budapest, Reykjavík and Kaunas. In the autumn of 2021 they hosted an open conference about interactivity and participation in children’s theatre in Bergen, Norway, where they invited a broad spectre of artists from all over Europe.


This network is now taking a big next step in their collaboration and is in the process of making a new interactive performance. The Tower of Babel will be diregcted by norwegian director Hilde Brinchmann and is set to premier in August 2022 at the National Drama Theatre of Kaunas in Lithuania. 

Director Hilde Brinchmann, set designer Signe Landfald and costume deseigner Helena Andersson visited Iceland in January to work with the icelandic actors Snædís Lilja Ingadóttir and Sigurður Arent. Prior to that Tinna and her collaborator Aude Busson had taken in depth interviews with icelandic teenagers to get the thoughts, hopes, dreams and ideas from the relevant age group to inspire the work. 

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