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Preliminary synopsis.

Please note that this is a draft, as the show will be devised with the whole group as rehearsals start.


The arrival area is in the children's library at the Nordic House in Reykjavík. We will have laid out interesting books on power, nature and energy for them to look through before the performance starts. Before we start we will hand out small bags with objects that will assist them on their journey. Objects such as a flashlight, a prism, a light filter or binoculars.


The performance starts the doors opened and the children are welcomed into the space. As they climb up a few stairs and then slide down into the first space lights and sound will follow their movements and increase in intensity as there are more children in the space, making a soundscape coming from all directions. The group will find a comfortable place to sit on and as everybody is in the light in the ceiling starts to increase. Suddenly a figure appears above them, hanging from the ceiling. She is tangled in wires and treads and as she moves she affects the light in the space and sending lightnings down to the ground. She slowly winds her way down from the ceiling and meets the children through dance and rearranges the space with their help. Making them take part physically and examining their own strength. When they have rearranged a tunnel appears and the figure leads the group into space that looks like the bottom of the sea. With projections on the floor and slippery rocks an iridescent figure appears and dances up and down the rocks like an octopus. Here we will focus on the movements and life in the sea and the energy from them.


From the bottom of the sea the space opens up to a a white forest of gauze where we will play with lights, shadows and projections. Playing with color the gauze will change from a forest, to the sky to the sea and back again. The children can now take out their their light filters and flash lights and play with projections as well as changing the gauze into a surreal landscape. In one corner there will be a video installation showing glow in the dark fungi growing in the forest which the children can watch during their exploration. Here the performers will be in mainly in the background and the children will be the main actors affecting light and sound with their movements and props.

The performers appear again on a green plant wall. They crawl up and down and rest in the weirdest positions like little insects and suddenly they jump off the wall and join the children. The lights and sounds follow the performers and as the energy increases it leads the whole group into a tornado and everybody dances together in circular movements.


As the dance stops stars and northern lights appear the above the group. The group, led by the performers will lie down on the floor and gather in a short relaxation moment led by calming sounds. Here the children will be encourage to notice their own energy flowing in their body after the dance and how the energy quietly settles in their body, calming down to a quiet state. As the children lie on the floor they can take out their flashlights again and with a special filter they will be able to light up the sky with even more stars.


When everybody has laid still for a moment a new exit opens up and the children are lead outside through a big tunnel which lights up when they touch it creating a tunnel of light as they pass through. They will be lead to the pond by the the Nordic House where the two performers will have with them a huge kite flying in the air over the water.

Connecting wind and water with the energy from the performers that keep it up in the air.


After the show the children are invited to attend a kite making workshop, made of recycled materials, and a chat about energy and sustainable energy use led by the artistic directors.

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